“Goal Setting” with Betty Anne

February 1, 2015

Airline Hotels President2015!  How did this happen? I remember the turn of the century.  A lot of us can say that, so it is not just I being old.  Well, that was only 15 years ago. For some of you who are also remembering that time with me, you will remember the fear of the unknown that some were trying to get us to believe. All computers will crash, the banking system will shut down, whatever you do, don’t fly during this time… and the list went on and on.  Looking back, it sounds bizarre, and it was – but there were many people who believed what they heard and responded accordingly. This makes me think of all the media hype around the New Year that tells us we need to make New Year resolutions, especially weight loss. Then you will see mega advertising around the best way to lose weight.  This is a billion dollar plus industry and do they really care that one accomplishes the goal? No way, because they need to continue to make money!

Do I believe in goal setting?  ABSOLUTELY!  However the difference is the goal you set for yourself is something that is self-driven, not media or an outside force telling you what to do.  I guess the saying “to thine own self be true,” is what one needs to follow.  If we are not totally committed, we just set ourselves up for failure. I really believe that the only way to get 100% commitment is if we truly believe that we need to accomplish the goal.  When this happens, then we succeed.  With every success we experience, it makes it so much easier to set another goal. Setting another goal means another accomplishment, which means more success, and it goes on and on.

“I would much rather succeed than fail. Although, I do believe that failure is a good thing if we allow ourselves to learn from it and move on to success.”

This is the start of a new year and, for those who wrote out some resolutions or goals, have a look at them now and ask yourself, “Is this really what I want? Will I succeed?”  If you answer “no,” then now is a great time to rewrite your goals while keeping in mind, “to thine own self be true.”  I guarantee that your success rate will increase, and isn’t that why we write out goals? To make a change?

Goal-setting isn’t just for individuals, but for companies, as well. This year in Airline, we will see some new goals and changes to the way we are doing business.  Some of these changes are happening from the focus groups we hold with associates and listening to their comments.  My personal goal for Airline is to become a better company financially but, more importantly, environmentally for our associates.  I need help, by everyone ensuring we are on the right path to succeed.  Again this year, I will be meeting with associates at our hotels and listening to their comments and suggestions.  You see, to me, perpetuity of a company is not size or financial, but the people you affect.  I hope by working at Airline Hotels, our associates will be better members of society, influencing all those around them. This way, we will be causing the Airline ripple effect. I want the biggest ripple possible! Please help me start and keep this ripple going and together we will make a difference.


Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson, Airline Hotels President


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