Growing Forward: Anything is Possible!

August 3, 2014

Opportunity is within your reach at Airline Hotels, and Heather KAS_Airline_17Oct2013_0223_FinalMediumOutten’s story is an example of what’s possible. Beginning in Housekeeping at our Travelodge Saskatoon, Heather moved to her current role at head office as Human Resources Administrator.

Here is Heather’s story.

“I started at the Travelodge in Housekeeping in 2006 and after 2 weeks I wanted to quit because it was such hard work. I was slow and couldn’t keep up. My parents talked me into sticking with it and I very quickly grew to love it!

I’ve always loved this company as they give you so many opportunities to grow, even if you do not have the experience. Not many companies would do that or provide you with the tools to do it. I never thought, after applying for a weekend housekeeping job to support me while going to post-secondary school, that I would still be here after 8 years – let alone accomplish what I have. Not to mention, my schooling had nothing to do with the hotel industry; I graduated with a diploma in recreation therapy. 

I have developed relationships with many housekeepers. In talking to them, they cannot believe that I started off as a room attendant. I always tell them, Anything is possible, you just have to go for it.‘”


Heather Path of Growth 2014_Orange


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