President’s Message: Forgiveness

September 15, 2019
President's Message: Forgiveness

There is a song on the radio by Scott Helman and one of the lyrics goes; “there is a bad connection between my mind and my mouth with the right intentions all the wrong came out.”  Does this line resonate with you?  I know I have had times when I say something and go where on earth did that come from?  The worst part is I can never take those words back.  Once spoken they are with the person I spoke to for a very long time. The times that bother me the most are the times I didn’t mean to hurt the other person, but my words did. I can’t take the words back so what do I do?  If I allow myself to feel guilty and replay the situation over and over again, I accomplish nothing. We can never take back something that happened so why do we keep looking back and bringing it up time and time again in our mind?  We are allowing the negative thoughts to freeze us in a negative space and that is not healthy. How do we move from this horrible spot?  Well, it starts with the hardest thing we can do – forgive ourselves.

Blaming is not the solution and yet so many of us spend so much of our time blaming ourselves for something. Trust me this will not change the past. I have talked before about learning to love ourselves and that definitely entails forgiveness. How can we forgive others if we can’t forgive ourselves? Why do we think we are so much better than anyone else?  By this I mean we hold ourselves in a separate category usually a higher expectation expecting ourselves to be perfect. No one is perfect, far from it. It is up to us to change our internal world approaching every day and everyone and everything in it as a gift. By changing our attitude, it changes our world. Once our world changes for the better the ripple effect kicks in and soon our community is a better place to be. You probably are going she is riding high again and this won’t work!  All I can tell you is what happens when I do this – it works for me!  Unfortunately, I do not maintain it 100% of the time but I’m getting better and that is all that matters. Our world needs a shot of positive right now and it definitely won’t begin with politics so it is up to us. The best part is all of us are capable of being more positive and making the change within ourselves.

Zig Ziglar said,” You are the only one who can use your ability.  It is an awesome responsibility.”

Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson
President, Airline Hotels


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