President’s Message: What the Humboldt tragedy taught us

May 7, 2018

President's Message: What the Humboldt tragedy taught us

I am sure everyone has heard about the horrific accident that happened with the Humboldt Broncos bus.  Brian and I were driving back from Palm Springs when we heard the news. It left both of us stunned, speechless and very sad. The enormity of the tragedy was beyond our comprehension.

Years ago a young GM within our company was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dean had 3 young children, a wife and the beginning of a very exciting life. I had the privilege of going for coffee with Dean and the first time I said to him, “don’t you ask why?”  He replied, “of course I did but I realized very quickly I would never have the answer so don’t waste my time.”  I have followed his wisdom many times and have stopped myself from dwelling on “why” and this accident is another time I have stopped myself from asking the many whys.

What has become amazing is seeing how our province, our country and other countries have responded. I find this a wonderful example of hope and promise.  I believe people have responded for many reasons but one I believe is the need to be part of a community. We all want to belong but need something in common to make this happen. If you have ever lived in a small town you know that life is different than living in a city.  There is a sense of teamwork, hard work and taking pride in their community. People work hard to ensure their community stays healthy and that means looking after and caring for others. Maybe this is one reason people have come together to show this small community that caring is valued by all but the opportunity isn’t always available.

Or is it? Why can’t we have this sense of caring everyday within us no matter where we live? If foreigners have shown it to a community they have never heard of, let alone know where it is, why can’t we show it in a community that we live in?

Maybe one of the many amazing outcomes from this horrific accident is that more caring communities will evolve, and love and support for ourselves, families and neighbors becomes a priority.What an amazing tribute to the 16 people who lost their lives.

“Being a good person does not depend on your religion, status race, color political views or culture – it depends on how you treat others.”

– Unknown

What kind of community do you want to live in?


Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson
President, Airline Hotels


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