President’s Message: What I learned from Boomer

April 8, 2018

President's Message: What I learned from Boomer

Growing up we always had a pet of some kind or another.  It might have been a cat, dog, mouse, bird or even a calf.  Mom and Dad loved animals so naturally so did we.  As an adult, I’ve had dogs for most of my life. The first dog I had was when I was going through my divorce and I always said she was a wonderful judge of character.  Thank goodness, she loved Brian or who knows what might have happened!

In our 34 year of marriage Brian and I have always had one or two dogs, each with distinctly different personalities. Some have been very intelligent, while others just sweet and loveable. Most of you have seen our current dog Boomer when we do the Christmas skype greeting.  Boomer came to us 4 years ago as a rescue dog down in Palm Springs.  The first year we had him we took him from Palm Springs to Saskatoon, introduced him to snow, we moved to a new home in Saskatoon, and our other dog at the time, Brando, passed away.  This poor rescue dog had no idea of what was happening and who he could trust. However, over time he learned to accept and trust us and has turned out to be one of the best dogs we’ve had.

Why do I share this?  I believe I have a lot to learn from Boomer.  Once he learned who he could trust his unconditional love emerged.  He learned to adapt, because he knew he could trust us.  He knew we would look after him, providing food and shelter and loving care. He makes us walk him twice a day, which health wise is one of the best things we can do for ourselves too!  He isn’t shy about showing his affection to us an others he trusts. I have always said if spouses greet each other at the door the same way our pets greet us that would do wonders for relationships.

So what I’ve learned from Boomer is; we need to learn to trust, stay in good health, and show unconditional love for other living breathing things around us and don’t hesitate to show your love and affection to those most important in your lives – not just occasionally but all the time.  Thanks Boomer!

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”  M.K. Clinton


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