President’s Message: Leaving a legacy

February 14, 2018

President's Message: Leaving a legacy

A long time ago I was into making New Year’s resolutions, only to be disappointed with myself for not upholding them. I realized that setting a goal is totally different then a resolution and I changed to goal setting and for me that has been much more successful. Maybe it is just a personal thing, or maybe there is some logic, I don’t know. I just know what works for me and as I get older, I am not going to be wasting what little time is left setting myself up for failure.

That was one of the many lessons I learned from Aunt Hazel, don’t dwell on what you can’t accomplish, dwell on what helps you be successful. I have so many of those wonderful lessons that I have had the opportunity of learning from this amazing woman.

Another one was; don’t put off doing something today as you never know what tomorrow will bring. This one I followed on many fronts, but one was making sure to plan my annual visit to Aunt Hazel in Salmon Arm, BC. I am very grateful that I did this for the many wonderful hours I spent with this amazing person. If I put off planning and made no effort to visit her, I would never have the wisdom she had.

Aunt Hazel passed away this month and I will miss my time spent with her immensely, but she will live on by the impact she had on me and so many others. Even the flower delivery man expressed how much he will miss the opportunity to visit with Hazel. It didn’t matter who you were, she treated everyone the same way.

She understood that all of us need someone who will listen to us and care. She understood that life is really a matter of choice and we all are free to make our choices. She understood that one should always take time to appreciate what we have not what we don’t have. She also understood that laughter was very important in one’s life and how valuable the moment is and not to waste it. She understood the need to challenge yourself enabling yourself to grow.

There are so many things she understood. I will miss her tremendously but I will never lose her as she has left a wonderful mark in my life. I hope that I can remember and share with people in my life my Aunt Hazel understandings. If I do, I know my world and their world will be a better place. What a legacy to have!


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