President’s Message: Love Yourself

February 14, 2018

President's Message: Love Yourself

I went for a wonderful bike ride this morning and the thought of how lucky I am for many reasons kept resonating in my mind.  Of course, being able to bike ride in winter is pretty awesome but for me being able to bike period is fantastic.

Before I go on, I really want to make sure you understand this isn’t a “pity” party on my part. 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a type of arthritis that was not treatable and would move throughout my body attacking different joints. I went through a time when walking with Brian and our dog was impossible and any form of exercising was not possible.I herniated a disc in my back around 6 years ago and while that was improving, I tore the meniscus in my knee.

Okay, now are you ready for this?  These injuries have been one of the best things that has happened to me. Now when I walk with Brian and Boomer, it is never a chore. I can see or hear many magnificent things in nature that I would have taken for granted before.  Doing different household chores is not a burden because I can do them! I can exercise again and love it. So many things that I never really appreciated or thought of as an inconvenience I now see totally different. One of the biggest reasons is realizing I have total control over these minor setbacks and it is totally up to me. I could have chosen to feel sorry for myself and not try to take charge of my own health but I didn’t.

My recovery has been on going just like so many who have health issues but I am determined to live each day with gratitude and an attitude that I can look after my own health. Of course, I still go to a doctor, but it is my choice to listen or not listen.

A resident on our street in Palm Springs was diagnosed with cancer 14 years ago. Every day I see Pat out walking with her walker with hair done, full make-up and nicely dressed. She chose to not let the disease conquer her and to win the battle.  The cancer is not gone, but the gripping fear that sometimes paralyzes people is. She is winning the attitude battle.

Isn’t it amazing how our attitude can win some amazing battles, or is it?

“The problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attitude about the problem.”  Captain Jack Sparrow

This month is the month of love, so I am asking you to love yourself and make a choice to make sure you look after yourself.  Take charge of your life it is the only one you have!


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