President’s Message: Miracles

August 9, 2018

President's Message: Miracles


How many times have we ourselves said, “wow, that was a miracle!” but do we really believe in miracles?

As the world witnessed one of the largest miracles, the rescue of the Thai soccer team from the cave, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief. News reporters called it the biggest miracle. Adun, who was one of the boys rescued said, “I thought this was really a miracle. I didn’t know how to respond.” That is exactly how I reacted, I was overwhelmed with joy and a flood of huge relief. During all the negative world news, the world actually stopped and focused on the rescue of these 12 boys and their coach. The naysayers were having their hay day about the stupidity of this attempt, the skeptics were saying how maybe 1 or 2 might get rescued and on and on yet the rescue held the world captive. Maybe because we all needed something positive and something that would give us hope. Gov. Osatanakom said, “We did something nobody thought possible.” Yet this miracle happened, and the world needed it as a reminder that miracles really do happen.

Adun was asked what lessons were learned and he replied, “live life more carefully. I feel stronger, I have more patience, endurance, and tolerance.” My interpretation of live life more carefully is to respect the life I am given. Tim McGraw summed it up in his hit song, “Live Life as if you are dying.” He talks about why the need for this song and this is what he said, “So from there, we started talking about people, when they’re faced with some sort of crisis in their life, they respond in this really unique, cool way. And so we were throwing out stuff like, ‘Dying to live,’ phrases like that, and Craig spit out, ‘Live like you were dying.’ I said, ‘I love that,’ and we got a verse and a chorus.

I am sure these Thai boys and their coach felt at times that they were going to die but they never gave up hope. I am a firm believer that I have been given the privilege of this life of mine and every day I am alive is my gift. I haven’t often mentioned this in my newsletters but there are days and times when I struggle with really believing it. However, if I was faced with an ordeal, the reality would be that I need to live life as if I am dying and this makes me appreciate everything. I realize the bad isn’t so bad and the good is really good. I am my own pebble creating my own waves affecting many others and what ripple do I want to send out to others? This is my choice!

A Thai navy seal said, “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what” but I believe it was a miracle just like every day that is my gift.


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