President’s Message: Positive Thinking

November 11, 2019
President's Message: Positive Thinking

Brian and I arrived down to Palm Springs California last Friday afternoon to be greeted by our wonderful American friends. We are truly blessed to be able to escape the cold and come where it is warm sunny and relaxing. We are able to walk bike and I’m even getting back into
golf. The days might be as relaxing anymore.

On Sunday we were invited by friends to join them at the Pride parade. I think it is fantastic that Saskatoon has a parade and people join in celebrating diversity and union. Well this parade brought over 300,000 people and over 130 entrants. Everywhere I saw acceptance.
We came back home and friends gave us the Pride flag which we have hanging in our courtyard. The reason we have it hung is to us it’s an emblem of acceptance.

On Monday walking Boomer we saw a neighbor, Pat. Now why I mention this is Pat has lived on this street for a very long time. We met her when we moved in 12 years ago. At that time Pat had been battling cancer for a few years. I have never seen Pat when she isn’t out with her walker beautifully dressed, make-up done nails manicured and the biggest smile you can see.

Did I mention she has been battling cancer for over 15 years? I have to ask myself would I be as gracious and take the personal time to look good after all these years of fighting? I’m not sure.

So why do I mention Pride and Pat in the same newsletter? You have read or heard me say how important attitude is, well both these items involve attitude acceptance and a willingness to make the best. What a powerful word attitude is! It enables the impossible to become possible in any circumstance. Maybe by adjusting our own attitude, we can start changing the environment in our homes, workplace, communities, cities and beyond. I know with the negative news at home, work, tv social media it can be easy to be swept away and start being negative. We are who we spend time with. A dear friend of ours holds up two fingers and places them very close together. She then says, “ I have this much time left, who do I want to spend it with and how do I want to spend it?” These are two very powerful questions. Will you be the positive attitude or the negative one? It is really that simple and only you can make the choice.

I have mentioned before that Dad lived by the Serenity Prayer and there was a reason this became his mantra and mine as well. After we leave this world the only thing that matters is the footprint we leave behind. The footprint on others’ lives is our choice and a very powerful decision we all need to make every moment we’re alive.

Sending everyone hugs.

Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson
President, Airline Hotels


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