Airline Hotels? Are you guys into airplanes or something?

Good question. But no. We’re in the “taking care of people on the ground” business. Airline Hotels (Airline) is in the business of, well…hotels. It’s an uncommon and unlikely story based on humble but powerful beginnings and a super bright future…like staring at the sun. By the way, don’t stare at the sun.

Our founder Harold Latrace was not your average dairy farmer. He was also into all sorts of business including gravel and ranching to name a few. He was visionary, seeing opportunity around every corner – kind of like 7-11 anti-theft mirrors, only better. His entrepreneurship eventually brought him to the hotel business, starting the Travelodge Saskatoon over 40 years ago and believing in a business that everyone thought he was crazy to start. During Mr. Latrace’s leadership, the Travelodge built an amazing culture among it’s guests, it’s associates and the community.

Associates? Sounds fancy…

Well, yes and no. We believe in showing respect to the people who care for our guests. So much so that we refer to our staff as associates. Our associates are our heart. Being an associate at Airline is like being apart of a family. We have almost 1,000 family members now and we’re growing. Family pictures are a little difficult to pull off, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look awesome in Christmas Sweaters when we come together!

When Mr. Latrace passed the company on to his daughter, Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson, few could have envisioned the tremendous success that would come. Except psychics.

Betty Anne changed the company to get it ready for growth, making all sorts of difficult decisions and bringing her own spirit of entrepreneurship and vision. In only 15 short years (that’s a long time if you’re a dog by the way), Airline has become a national hotel company, with the same outstanding reputation and same great family culture that it started with. (This was really hard by the way.)

Because of Betty Anne’s leadership, Airline is a place where associates can fly, not Peter Pan fly but like figuratively fly. Airline makes the lives of it’s associates better at work and at home, because we care for them. We’ve built a place where associates can learn, develop and succeed.

Successful people work here. Airline is about hard work. That’s what we’ve learned along the way and another thing that makes us proud in our Christmas Sweaters. We are accountable to one another and we sweat a lot…because of the hard work…and the Christmas Sweaters. Probably not in front of you either.

We believe in respect, integrity, teamwork and entrepreneurship. We call that RITE. It’s the table stakes for working here, it’s the promise we make in the service we give our guests. It’s why we believe in taking care of our communities and our planet.

Thanks for giving Airline the chance to take care of you while you’re away from your home.

Tell all your friends. All of them.